Inquiry system is a shopping-cart-like B2B system.
The Functions of Inquiry System      demo   

Inquiry system is a shopping-cart-like B2B system for your company to make your product e-catalog on line in a few hours,it can help you build the on-line catalog and let your potential buyer browse your products by category,or search by keyword,then make an inquiry on what they selected.

Your sales representative can view inquiry and quote them a price base on the term your buyer submit. Sales can also review specific buyer's basic information and history to decide the appropriate price .

There is also a mailing list function to inform those potential buyers when you get a new product.

System is built up by MySQL database, can be easily customized on your special needs.

1. Functions for Admin:
a. To search , view , modify registered user's information.
b. To upload the information,pictures,document of products.
c. To publish company and products news.
d. To send email to all or appointed user.
e. To search,view,respond,modify the quotation forms.
f. To search,view,respond,modify the sample order forms.
g. To modify employees operating level.
h. To setup the web site's generally options.

2. Functions for Sales:
a. To Search,view,respond the quotation forms.
b. To search,view,respond the sample order forms.
c. To view buyer's basic information.

3. Functions for User(Buyer):
a. To View the products.
b. To view the news.
c. To register and modify basic information.
d. To make inquiry.
e. To order sample.
f. To view self history inquiry and order information.

4.System Requests(Software):
a.Web Server(For example: apache httpd.)
b.MySQL Database supported.
c.PHP 3 or higer supported.

Please goto here to see a demo, please contact James if you got any question or intend to build an inquiry system on your site.


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